Superkompisarna –
a Soja Original

This show has everything: trains, ninjas, pranks, beekeepers, grandpas, a cozy tent with a dog and pillows in it, and a pop star named Star who is dressed like a star.

Through the years we’ve always said that animation is so much more than shows and films for children. But suddenly we found ourselves pitching and getting the green light for an animated children’s TV show. Fast-forward five years, and the show Sånger med Superkompisarna is available in both Sweden and Norway, the music from the show is available on Spotify, and children are having crazy dance parties while watching a special sing-a-long version in cinemas across Sweden.

Telling stories for children is a privilege and a responsibility. We wanted the show to challenge norms and be truly inclusive, but above all was the responsibility to make something that’s crazy fun-tastic, catchy and ready to drive parents up the wall. Luckily, we could get the parents on board through recruiting Swedish indie pop power duo Annika Norlin and Henrik Oja to write the music.


- 5 year old at the Årsta cinema, spring 2022

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Character rigs
Cel animation breakdown





Soja in
co-production with Sveriges Television AB

© So ja film AB & Sveriges Television AB 2020

Sofie Edvardsson

Simon Österhof

David Karlström

Jakob Nyström

Annika Norlin

Henrik Oja
Annika Norlin

Mats Hammarström

Salla Lehmus


David Karlström
Sofie Edvardsson
Johan Lonegran
Isabelle Sjö

Carl-Johan Hasselrot
Daniel Elv-Forsén
Jakob Nyström
Salla Lehmus
Marah Curran
Line Hagsand
Anders Waltz

Sanna Ekman

Folkets Bio AB



: Sofie Edvardsson

, Producer: 
Simon Österhof

, Art lead

: David Karlström

, Animation supervisor
Jakob Nyström

, Script
Annika Norlin

, Music: 
Henrik Oja, Annika Norlin
, Arrangement
Mats Hammarström, Storyboard: Salla Lehmus, Design: David Karlström, Sofie Edvardsson, Johan Lonegran, Isabelle Sjö, Animation: Carl-Johan Hasselrot, Daniel Elv-Forsén, Jakob Nyström, Salla Lehmus, Marah Curran, Line Hagsand, Anders Waltz

Project manager SVT: Sanna Ekman, Distribution: Folkets Bio AB

Voices Episode 1 - Förvandlingsproffset Ali på äventyr
Ali: Leonard Petersson, Grandmother: Lina Hognert, Other voices: Greta Hägglund, Ester Nordmark, Anna Larsson

Voices Episode 2 - Busninjan Gabrielle prankar familjen
Gabrielle: Greta Hägglund, Parents: Annika Norlin, Henrik Oja, Other voices: Hannele Hognert Oja, Malin Hägglund Oja

Voices Episode 3 - Rallyrockarn Evin rejsar genom stan
Evin: Julia Hallström, Other voices: Greta Hägglund, Ester Nordmark, Anna Larsson, Vilgot Dalsfelt Nyberg

Voices Episode 4 - Tågmastern Mio hittar en bästis
Mio: Hjalmar Berglund, Mios new friend: Greta Hägglund

Voices Episode 5 - Superdetektiven Bella sniffar sig fram
Bella: Elvin Hognert Oja, Other voices: Greta Hägglund, Ester Nordmark, Anna Larsson, Malin Hägglund Oja, Jakob Algesten

Voices Episode 6 - Cooldansarn Dodde skakar loss
Dodde: Artur Stepanov, Doddes dad: Jakob Algesten, Other voices: Annika Norlin

Voices Episode 7 - Stjärnan Star showar på turné
Star: Ester Nordmark, Other voices: Greta Hägglund, Annika Norlin

Voices Episode 8 - Megamysisen Mange myser megamest
Mange: Vilgot Dalsfelt Nyberg, Manges dad: Adam Olofsson

Voices Episode 9 - Tankeläsar-tvillingarna fixar kalas
Lisa: Anna Larsson, Per: Ludvig Ruge, Mom: Lina Hognert, Jojk: Katarina Barruk

Voices Episode 10 - Superkompisarnas superkarneval!
Gabrielle: Greta Hägglund, Star: Ester Nordmark, Lisa: Anna Larsson, Mange: Vilgot Dalsfelt Nyberg, Bella: Elvin Hognert Oja, Evin: Julia Hallström, Other voices: Hannele Hognert Oja, Ester Hentschel

Produced by Soja in 
co-production with Sveriges Television AB
© So ja film AB & Sveriges Television AB 2020